Ritual24eu company

The loss of a loved one is always a tragedy.. She often comes suddenly and can catch a person anywhere in the world.. In situations like this, relatives of the deceased often turn to funeral agencies. After all, a funeral is not an easy thing at all.

It is important to follow all the rules and think about all the nuances., let alone moments, related to the correct execution of documents and solving issues with international transport of the body of the deceased, if death finds a person outside the house.

Why you should contact us

In such a scrupulous matter, you need to contact only professionals in their field.. After all, there are many subtleties, which include correct and prompt paperwork, choosing a place in the cemetery and other important points. Indeed, often the relatives of the deceased, upstairs, pay attention to some of these questions, forgetting about the rest, which in the future can cause significant problems.

Our company "Ritual24eu" has been present on the European market for a very long time, and we have tremendous experience in solving such issues. Here are some of our main strengths:

  • more 12 years of experience;
  • assistance in paperwork;
  • provision of services in any city or country;
  • international carriage of dead bodies;
  • all necessary consultations and funeral services 24/7.

We are always ready to help in solving such a difficult issue.. With us you can be sure of the timeliness and efficiency of all the necessary preparations.

Our services

Our range of services includes:

  • Registration of all necessary documents;
  • Services for the international transport of bodies of the deceased;
  • Funeral or cremation arrangements;
  • Assistance in the selection of a coffin or urn;
  • Solving other flow issues.

Each of these services is very important., and the participation of professionals in these matters, will help you resolve such issues promptly and correctly.

When it comes to ordering the international transportation of the bodies of the deceased to home country, then it is important to prepare all the necessary list of documents, visit the embassy, and also meet all the necessary deadlines, provided by the legislation of the countries. It is important to choose only professionals.. Without proper preparation, paperwork can significantly delay the process, which in turn may complicate the ability to export the body to the home country.

If we talk about paperwork in more detail, then you will need the following package of documents:

  1. Death certificate ( it is issued by a doctor, fatal)
  2. Passport
  3. Health Insurance Card
  4. Birth certificate(if the deceased is lonely)
  5. Marriage certificate or family book (for married / married)
  6. Marriage certificate or family book, divorce certificate (for divorced)
  7. Marriage certificate or family book, spouse's death certificate(for the widowed)
  8. Written notice of pension amount (in the presence of)
  9. Insurance contracts (in the presence of)

Sami funeral or cremation also require a lot of preparation. First of all, you should decide, will it be burial in the ground or cremation of the deceased. Then you need to prepare all stages of the ceremony at the proper level..

On our website you can also choose coffins or urns for the deceased. We have a wide selection of these products, which will allow order a coffin, which will meet all your requirements. This also applies to the selection and purchase of urns., if you decide to cremate the deceased.

Our company works 24/7, therefore you can always contact us for all the necessary advice. We are always ready to help in solving such a difficult issue.. With us you can be sure of the timeliness and efficiency of all the necessary preparations.