Burial in the ground

In Germany, a common method of burial is land burial.. The deceased is put in a coffin and buried in a cemetery., which he himself or his relatives chose.

The price includes a coffin. The standard price for this type of burial is from 1600 euros.

Coffin model, you can choose any, all options are offered in the "Coffins" section in the site directory.

Service list, included in the cost of land burial:

  • burial counseling;
  • transport services;
  • standard coffin ;
  • moving the body to the coffin;
  • hygienic treatment;
  • delivery to the cemetery;
  • execution of a death certificate and;
  • organizing a funeral at the cemetery.



In Germany, more and more often, the relatives of the deceased order exactly cremation.. The deceased is placed in a coffin, after which cremation is performed.

The cost of services consists of the price of the trash can, coffin and directly cremation. She composes from 1200 euros.

The model of the coffin and urn can be selected in the website catalog, they are located in the "Urns" section.

The full list of cremation services is as follows:

  • advice on cremation;
  • transport services ;
  • standard coffin;
  • placing the body in a coffin;
  • hygienic treatment;
  • transportation to the crematorium;
  • crashed;
  • registration of a death certificate in the relevant authorities;
  • funeral organization, choosing a place in the cemetery.